Technology What’s Unique About SupraG?

We are beyond the hype.

We know the individual graphene sheets are useless in many application areas.

We know how to convert the promise into reality.

Graphene-based supercapacitors is just the first step into the energy market.

SupraG’s technology can enable the energy storage revolution.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, researcher or investor, local partner or global enterprise, we can explain what makes SupraG’s graphene-based products unique in a language you can understand.

Why Graphene for Future Energy?

Graphene is a fascinating nano-material that can be used for different applications. At SupraG, our innovation starts from the manipulation of the surface chemistry and morphology of the individual graphene sheets, followed with precise control of the interlayer interactions among graphene sheets during the self-assembly process, which further extend to the fine control of the nanostructure of the graphene-based films to achieve a highly porous yet compact structure that maximises energy storage capability while remaining highly conductive to ensure power capabilities. The above innovations are deeply embedded within our industry focused development outlook that the processability, scalability and reproducibility are built intrinsically in the manufacturing processes right from the beginning.

Graphene-Based Films

Graphene-based films produced with SupraG’s patented processing methods can add value to many carbon-based products using our slurries, coatings, and thin films.

Alongside supercapacitor products, SupraG also develops other types of novel products offering unique properties for a broader energy markets.

A great range of partnerships has been established with universities, industry partners and customers within Australia and other Asia Pacific areas. If you are interested in the development of specialized graphene formulations for your own purposes, please contact us for more information.

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